Dr. Cooper, Pediatrics


My daughter has been a patient of Chesapeake Health Care, formerly TLC, since her birth in 2012. Her primary physician is Dr. Stephen Cooper, located at the pediatrics office on Sweetbay Drive. During our interactions with Dr. Cooper, my husband and I have found Dr. Cooper to be thorough and knowledgeable. He answers our questions fully and engages with our daughter during visits. His professional demeanor and his willingness to engage with us made him an easy choice when we had our second daughter in 2016. In addition to Dr. Cooper, the office staff at the pediatrics office has been kind and helpful during our interactions at appointments. The nursing staff is friendly and efficient, and the front desk workers process us quickly so there is very little wasted time.

My daughters have also seen providers at the Princess Anne office, and I have found them equally professional and courteous. Their willingness to see them on short notice when the children are sick, or their availability when our children need flu shots or other care has made them a valuable resource and an excellent alternative when we are unable to get to the Sweetbay Drive location.


Great Company


This is a great company, with very caring people. I have never had a bad experience with any of their providers. Been using them for over a decade.

OB/GYN Experience


I have been a patient at the Phillip Morris Drive location for 33 years, and have found the providers and staff to be gracious and welcoming in their provision of care. I cannot wait for the new building to be open in May 2017!

Pediatric Dental Office


My oldest daughter went to the Chesapeake Health Care Dental Office in Princess Anne recently. Although I was nervous about how my daughter would react to her first dental appointment, the staff at the dental office made the experience easy and pleasant. Their willingness to engage with my daughter prevented her from feeling nervous during her appointment and has made her excited to return for her next cleaning.

The front desk and checkout staff at the dental office was efficient and professional. They were willing to work with me when I requested my daughter’s check in paperwork a day early so that I could cut down on the amount of time we would need to spend in the office. Their willingness to accommodate us made the entire experience easier and faster.