When it comes to the Health Center Funding Cliff, it’s anything but quiet on Capitol Hill and around the nation. Because of an outpouring of Health Center advocacy, Congress is taking meaningful steps toward fixing the cliff, from committee work to building support for cliff fix legislation.

It should come as no surprise that your advocacy is getting through and Congress continues to make progress toward fixing the Health Center funding cliff. Just this week Representatives Stefanik (R-NY) and Tsongas (D-MA) joined together to lead a bi-partisan Health Center Cliff Dear Colleague Letter addressed to Speaker Ryan and Minority Leader Pelosi seeking immediate action to extend Health Center funding and fix the cliff once and for all. This is an important new step in Congressional efforts to move toward a final cliff fix – this happened as a direct result of the outpouring of advocacy from Health Center Advocates like you!

In addition to the Stefanik-Tsongas letter, it is critical to add as many members possible to list of co-sponsors for the CHIME Act – S. 1899 in the Senate and HR 3770 in the House. As Advocates will recall, the CHIME Act lays out a five-year extension to Health Center funding to fix the Health Center funding cliff. By co-sponsoring this important legislation, Members of Congress demonstrate their public support for specific action to fix the cliff.

As a member of our community, we are asking you to take action once again to put the pressure on Congress take action to fix the cliff. There are two easy ways to take action right now:


  • Send your Members of Congress a message through the Health Center Advocacy network asking them to co-sponsor the CHIME Act – click here to send your message.
  • Call your Representative using the toll-free Advocacy Hotline 1-866-456-3949 and ask that they co-sign the Stefanik-Tsongas Health Center Cliff Letter addressed to House Leadership asking for immediate action to fix the cliff. You can access a call script to help with your call here.


Every day we see proof of the power and effectiveness of Health Center Advocacy. We are closer than ever to a fix for the Health Center funding cliff – this is because of YOU, and tens of thousands of Health Center Advocates that have recommitted to fighting for as long as it takes until the cliff is fixed.

Help keep the pressure up and the volume high – keep fighting until the cliff is fixed!

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