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Patient Rights

You have the right…

  • to considerate and respectful health care
  • to know the names and professional status of the people serving you
  • to privacy/confidentiality concerning your own health care program and medical records
  • to receive accurate information about your health related concerns
  • to participate in choosing a form of treatment
  • to consent to or refuse any care or treatment
  • to a quick response to reports of pain
  • to select and/or change your health care provider and to expect reasonable continuity of care
  • to review your medical records with a clinician
  • to receive information about services and related costs
  • to examine and receive an explanation of all charges
  • to receive full information and counseling on the availability of known financial resources for your health care
  • to have access to an interpreter when possible if you are a non English-speaking patient
  • to a timely resolution of any question, complaint, or problem regarding Chesapeake Health Care services or procedures
  • to inspect and copy your personal health information upon written request
  • to amend your health record, in writing, with a reason to support request
  • to receive an accounting of disclosures upon written request
  • to request restrictions on use and disclosure of your information except disclosures we are legally required to make
  • to receive confidential communications in a certain way. i.e.: mail; at work only, etc.
  • to paper copy of Notice of Privacy Policy at any time.
  • to electronic copies of health information and to restrict disclosure to a health plan concerning treatment for which individual paid out of pocket.
  • to receive notifications of unsecured Patient Health Information

You have the responsibility…

  • to seek medical attention promptly
  • to be honest about your medical history
  • to ask about anything you do not understand
  • to follow health advice and instructions
  • to report any significant changes in symptoms or failure to improve
  • to work with your provider and nurse on management of pain
  • to respect clinic policies
  • to keep appointments or cancel in advance
  • to seek non-emergency care during regular business hours
  • to provide useful feedback about services
  • to make prompt payments on your account and be knowledgeable about your insurance coverage

Patient Rights and Responsibilities