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School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs)

Chesapeake Health Care’s School-Based Health Centers: Providing Convenient Healthcare Access for Students

Chesapeake Health Care is committed to ensuring the well-being of students through its five School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) strategically located in schools across the Eastern Shore in Maryland.

Locations and Phone Numbers

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Affordable Healthcare for All

With the support of grant funding, Chesapeake Health Care ensures that services at the SBHCs are affordable, and no one is refused healthcare due to financial constraints.

Bridging Gaps in Healthcare

Onsite Diagnosis and Treatment

The SBHCs are equipped with medical providers who can diagnose and treat common health conditions right on-site. This initiative aims to eliminate barriers to regular medical care, allowing students to stay in school even when dealing with minor illnesses.

Focused on Education

Brian Holland, CEO of Chesapeake Health Care, emphasizes the importance of SBHCs in promoting education. “When students don’t have to miss school due to a minor illness, it allows them to focus more on learning,” says Holland. The SBHCs contribute to the well-being of students, families, and school staff, benefiting both the school system and the wider community.

Understanding School-Based Health Centers

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

SBHCs are akin to “doctor’s offices in schools,” providing comprehensive preventive and primary health services. These include mental health, oral health, ancillary, and supportive services.

Dedicated Health Professionals

Staffed by a team of health professionals, including primary care providers (pediatricians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants), registered nurses, medical office assistants, and mental health providers, SBHCs offer a full range of age-appropriate health care services.

Chesapeake Health Care’s School-Based Health Centers play a vital role in creating a healthier and more focused student body, ensuring that healthcare is accessible, affordable, and seamlessly integrated into the educational environment.