Q&A Regarding Your Dental Appointments During COVID-19

On March 24, the Maryland Department of Health mandated that all healthcare practitioners, including dental, postpone all non-emergency procedures and visits until this “catastrophic health emergency” is over.

Here are some questions and answers about dental appointments while social distancing and “shelter in place” orders are in effect:

  1. Will the COVID-19 outbreak impact my dental appointment?
    Yes. Due to dental-specific regulations, we are not doing any “regular” dental appointments. These include dental cleanings, crowns, fillings, dentures, etc. We are only seeing patients with dental emergencies right now.
  2. What is considered a “dental emergency?”
    – Bleeding in the mouth or around teeth
    – Pain in the jaw or around teeth
    – Tooth or gum infection
    – Broken or knocked-out teeth
    – Swelling of the mouth or face.
    Please call the office at 410-651-5151 between 8:30 am – 5 pm to schedule an evaluation appointment.
  3. When will the dental offices be open again for regular appointments?
    Only the Maryland Department of Health and the Governor can say when Chesapeake Health Care can resume seeing patients. At this time, there is no established or estimated “back to work” date for Maryland. We will be sure to share this information once any future direction is known.

The Chesapeake Health Care Dental Department has locations in Princess Anne and Salisbury. It was established to provide high-quality dental care for our entire community. We serve people of all ages, income levels, those insured, under-insured and uninsured. Chesapeake Health Care provides dental services to residents of Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset counties. We offer comprehensive dental services with special emphasis on prevention and restoration. Our Department of Dentistry is, by far, the largest provider of dental services to adults and children on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

With a commitment to patient care, advocacy, research, and education, our Dental Department serves as the clinical training site for accredited advanced education programs in Pediatric Dentistry and Advanced Education in General Dentistry, in partnership with NYU Langone Medical Center.

Together with active clinical programs, the Department of Dentistry has active patient outreach programs in the schools of Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties that screen, offer preventive services and case management leading to treatment for children and expectant mothers,

In addition, the Department of Dentistry has a vibrant Division of Continuing Dental Education which sponsors continuing education courses for local and internationally trained dentists.

Our site addresses and phone numbers are listed on our Locations tab.

PA Hygiene Department: Crystal Howatt RDH, Judy Forse RDH, Cynthia Heselbach RDH, Donna Baer RDH.

Pediatric department with Dental Assistants: Back row: DA Darius Williams, Dr. Ceralo, Dr. Bell, Dr. De Stefano, Dr. Ciciolla, Dr. Prieve, Dr. Golia, DA Valbra Giddens. Front row: Dr. Dhaliwal, Dr. Dibenedetto, Dr. Robinson. Not pictured: DA Krystle Branch, Dr. Sethi, and Dr. Patel.

Admin. team for PA Dental: Back row: Rebecca Rodgers, Patricia Colbourne, Christina Bennett. Front row: Noelle Wilkins, Denise Greensmith. Not pictured: Brandie Bozeman, Bonnie Bryant, and Michaela Lecates.

Dental Providers

Dr. Celeste M. Ziara (General Dentist)

Department Head

Dental Outreach Director

Dental School: University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery

Dr. Robert McCready

Dr. Robert McCready

Associate Director, Department of Dentistry

Dr. McCready received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in Baltimore, and Certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) from New York University, Lutheran Medical Center. He is happy to be joining Chesapeake Health Care’s Dental AEGD Faculty.

Donna Baer, RDH

Donna Baer, RDH

B.S. in Dental Hygiene from the University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus.

Elisabeth Boyko, RDH

B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA, and A.A.S. in Dental Hygiene from Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke, PA.

Dr. Jerome S. Casper (Pediatric Dentist)

Dental School: Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Residency: North Shore University Hospital

Kortney L. Davis, RDH

Dr. Mariella De Stefano (Pediatric Dentist)

Dental School: UNIMES School of Dentistry, Sanots, SP. Brazil

Residency: Boston University School of Dental Medicine

Remington Dewey, RDH

B.S. in Dental Hygiene from West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Judy Forse

Judy L. Forse, RDH

University of Maryland School of Dentistry

Dr. Jessica Harrison

Dr. Jessica A. Harrison (General Dentist)

Cynthia A. Heselbach, RDH

Dr. Patrick Holmlund (General Dentist)

Dental School: University of Maryland Dental School in Baltimore, MD.
Residency: VA Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.

Crystal Howatt

Crystal B. Howatt, RDH

A.S. from Wor-Wic Community College, Salisbury, MD. B.S. in Dental Hygiene from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Baltimore, MD

Dr. Mehreen Kassoo (Pediatric Dentist)

Dr. Kassoo completed her DMD from the University of Pennsylvania. There, she discovered her passion for pediatric dentistry. She pursued her specialty training through NYU Langone.

Dr. Robert M. Schulz

Dr. Robert M. Schulz (Pediatric Dentist)