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Q&A Regarding Your Appointments During COVID-19

As the need to practice social distancing continues during this new coronavirus pandemic (and COVID-19, the disease it causes), our healthcare guidelines are continually changing and protocols being updated.

Here are some questions and answers about appointments with our therapists while social distancing orders are in effect:

  1. Are the Chesapeake Health Care Mental Health offices open?
  2. Are you taking new clients?
  3. How can I make an appointment using telehealth or an in-office appointment?
    You can call one of the mental health sites listed on the Locations tab that is closest to your home and ask to make an appointment.
  4. What about school-based appointments? Are you still seeing those clients?
    Your therapist should have already reached out to you to discuss using telehealth appointments as an alternative to school-based appointments. If you have not been in touch with the therapist, please call the office where you would normally take your child to appointments.
  5. Can I still get my prescription medications?
    Yes, your doctor or nurse practitioner will continue to schedule appointments and prescribe your medication. Your appointments can be via telemedicine or an in-office visit.
  6. Will I still see the same therapist or prescriber I have always seen?
  7. Will my child still receive PRP services?
    Yes. PRP services will also be provided via telehealth or an alternative method during social distancing requirements. Please call your office of care for more information.

Please make sure your providers have your up-to-date contact information, so they can easily notify you of any changes.

About Our Mental Health Team at CHC

We have been providing mental health treatment for clients in Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester counties since 1994. Our services include psychiatric evaluations, medication management, individual, group, couples and family therapy, and school-based treatments.

We now offer telemedicine appointments. Skip the trip and securely connect with your CHC providers from the comfort of your home. Call your office of care to make an appointment.

Our staff of nearly 60 Mental Health providers includes:

  • Adult Psychiatrist
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Nurse Practitioners, LMSW, LCSW-C, and LCPC

Our clinical interventions include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Trauma-informed Care Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Non-Directive Play Therapy
  • Supportive Therapy
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) Services

We provide individualized treatment plans.  Our site addresses and phone numbers are listed on our Locations tab.

Mental Health Providers

photo of Madalyne Adams

Madalyne Adams, LGPC

Photo of Mary C. Snavely, LCSW-C

Mary C. Bailey, LCSW-C

Anamaria D. Barabas, LCSW-C

Hannalee N. Billings, LMSW

Photo of Emily Mitchell, LGSW

Emily Bloodsworth, LCSW-C

Dr. Niraj T. Chapla

Monica S. Christopher, LMSW

Michelle B. Corbin, LMSW

Lisa Dixon, LGSW

Lisa Dixon, LCSW-C

Roberto E. Donati, LGPC

Kaitlyn D. Erickson, LCSW-C

Megan Fulton, LMSW

Rani George

Rani M. George, CRNP-PMH

Kristen Gordy, CRNP-PMH

Kristen L. Gordy, CRNP-PMH

Celeste M. Grudzien, LCSW-C

Kristin Hearne, LCSW-C

Stephanie L. Hewitt, LCSW-C

Kelley Holloway

Kelley A. Holloway, LCSW-C

Tabitha M. Horseman, LCSW-C

Bryant J. Howard, LCSW-C

Jane Iwebo, CRNP-PMH

Katelyn E. Jones, LMSW

Katelyn E. Jones, LMSW

Nicole R. Krasner, LCSW-C

Melissa Kubacki, LCSW-C

Crystal L. Lambert, LCSW-C

Department Head

Kerri Lambert, LCSW-C

Kerri E. Lambert, LCSW-C

Sujin “Sue” Lee, LGPC

Sara Linton, LMSW

Katie L. Lukehart, LCPC

Svetlana “Lana” McLaughlin LGSW

Kimberly M. Meilhammer, LCSW-C

Melba J. Miller, LCSW-C

Daria Parsells, LCSW-C

James A. Porter, CRNP-PMH

Sarah B. Pryor, LCSW-C

Justin D. Pusey, LMSW

Lisa Rekos, LGSW

Lisa Rekos, LMSW

Melissa Rivera-Smith, LGPC

Stephanie Saylor

Stephanie J. Saylor, LCSW-C

Ellen Schwinn, LMSW

Amy E. Searcey, LCSW-C

Karen R. Shipman, LCSW-C

Alyssa L. Shores LMSW

Colleen Snitzer, LMSW

Dr. Venkata Sugnanam

Rachel Thomas, LMSW

Michelle Trego, LMSW

Chelsea N. Tyler, LCSW-C

Kimberly D. Valentine, LCPC

Alaina Van Gelder, M.S., NCC, LCPC

Karen A. Walls, LMSW

Dawn West, LCPC

Kiara Wharton, LGPC

Kiara Wharton, LGPC

Tammy Witzke, LCPC, M.S., NCC

Jennifer L. Youdom, LCSW-C

Ada M. Zant, LCPC