Telemedicine Appointments Available at Chesapeake Health Care


Chesapeake Health Care is now using Microsoft Teams to securely communicate and conduct remote appointments and sessions for patients with our medical and mental health providers. Please call your office of care to schedule your appointment for telemedicine. This is a free service to our patients and is very easy to use.

Download the Microsoft Teams App

Microsoft Teams is available on a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Get Teams on all your devices by visiting or searching for “Microsoft Teams” in the Apple or Google Play Store.

Joining an Appointment with Teams

Before your appointment, you will receive an email letting you know a Microsoft Teams meeting has been set for your appointment time. A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time click or tap the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link in the email. Your Microsoft Teams app will open and ask if you would like to ‘Join as a guest’ or ‘Sign in and join.’ You do not need to create an account; you can join as a guest.

While waiting for your healthcare provider to join, your microphone will be muted and the camera will be disabled. Once the Chesapeake Health Care provider joins the meeting, you will be presented with options to enable your camera. You and your healthcare provider will be able to see and talk to one another in a secure video chat.

Click here to find a CHC location to make your telehealth appointment, or go to the Locations tab at the top of this page.