Don’t Ignore Your Health!

nurses wearing face masks
Our staff at our adult medicine site in Salisbury are ready to safely see patients for preventive care and treatments.

Providers at Chesapeake Health Care (CHC) want to remind you that their medical offices are open and safe to visit for your health care. Your health, safety, and well-being remain their top priority.

Salisbury, MD (May 20, 2020) — The pandemic has caused some people to become hesitant about seeking non-COVID-related care for themselves or their families. They may be ignoring their health for fear of visiting a medical office. However, taking care of your health right now is extremely important. CHC has implemented rigorous policies and procedures at each of its locations to keep both patients and caregivers safe.

Parents should continue with well-child visits and immunization schedules, particularly for children ages 2 and under, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Lee Jennings, CHC’s Chief Medical Officer said, “I know patients are concerned about coming in, but we want to assure them that CHC is taking every precaution for their health and safety. Children need to stay on their well-child schedules and their vaccination schedules, especially those under the age of 2. Vaccines protect your child and the people around them, and that they are one of the most effective ways to protect people of all ages from dangerous diseases.”

CHC has instituted additional measures to ensure safety in each medical site including daily employee temperature checks, screening all patients who enter for COVID-19 symptoms, increased cleaning and disinfecting, social distancing in waiting areas, and online check-in for appointments through their Patient Portal. Currently, visitors are not allowed to accompany patients to their appointments, and only one adult may accompany a child to an appointment. All persons entering CHC facilities must have a facial covering upon entering the office.

Some health concerns may be addressed over the phone, but others will require you to physically come in for your appointment. “For chronic medical issues or for issues that are non-urgent, we encourage patients to call their primary care doctors first,” said Dr. Jennings.

Brian Holland, CEO of CHC said, “I want to let the community know that it is safe to resume your appointments for medical care at Chesapeake Health Care.”

For more information about CHC’s safety procedures, or to find a CHC office of care near you, please visit, or call 410-749-1015.


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