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Celebrate Men’s Health Month

fathers day healthWhy do we want you to treat yourself this Father’s Day? Well, it’s Men’s Health Month, so we are celebrating health care for dads and all the important men in your life.

Here are four ways you can treat yourself with a health plan through Maryland Health Connection:

  1. Schedule an annual checkup with your primary care doctor (PCP). Man up and make an appointment during your lunch break! Checkups are free and covered by your health plan. Who knows, you may even get a Wolverine sticker afterward.
  2. Get some screenings done during or after your checkup. Go to a doctor in your plan’s network, and your preventive care (screenings) are free. Screenings that are covered include blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, colorectal cancer screenings, screening for Type 2 diabetes, diet counseling, and many more. See what’s covered.
  3. Celebrate becoming a new father! Let us know when you become a dad – life changes like this one should be added into your health plan. You may be eligible for financial help to make it more affordable, too.
  4. You don’t even need to ask for directions. You’re a man! You know where this tool is and can use it all by yourself: https://secure.marylandhealthconnection.gov/hixmobile/public/AssisterDetails. This lets you search for navigators in your area. Make an appointment to sign up in-person for a health insurance plan.


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